Hello, I am

Patrick Daguio.

I build things for the web.

I’m a Frontend Developer who strives to build modern and beautiful web applications through a great focus on user-centric design.


Hello there! My name is Patrick Daguio, a Frontend developer who loves food and all things web.

Ever since designing and creating my first website, I have been hooked with the idea of using software to not only solve practical problems but it also provides an avenue to bring innovation to life.

Following the Kaizen lifestyle, I am always looking for ways to learn and grow my knowledge in all aspects of the web to achieve my long term goal of being a Full-stack Developer.

When I’m not coding, you can expect to find me either behind the drums Drums gif, in the gym Gym gif or being competitive at a game Gaming gif.



  • Outset project cover

    Project 01


    An all-in-one productivity tool and personal dashboard to use as a Google extension. Includes pomodoro timer, todo list, custom mantras and more. Uses OpenWeatherMap and Unsplash API to gather weather and photo information.

    • APIs
    • SCSS
    • JS
    • Express
    • NodeJS
    • Parcel
  • Snazzle project cover

    Project 02


    Designed and developed a fully-responsive interactive single page multiple choice quiz application which can save and delete user-generated quizzes.

    • HighwayJS
    • SCSS
    • JS
    • GSAP
    • Parcel
  • Snazzle project cover

    Project 03

    Discord Clone

    Developed a chat app replica of Discord which can create text channels and save users messages on a database and includes user authentication.

    • React
    • Redux
    • Firebase
  • Ecclesia project cover

    Project 04


    An interactive animal crossing portfolio. Built for a friend to showcase their portfolio and to bring in more user's to their island. Includes a carousel, image gallery and form validation.

    • JS
    • GSAP
    • SCSS
  • Project 05

    Landing Pages

    A collection of different fully-responsive landing pages to improve on my design and front-end skills.

    • JS
    • BEM
    • SCSS


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